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Seeing Hands employs a growing team of visually impaired staff across our branches in Nepal, some totally blind and others partially sighted. Our staff include both male and female therapists from widespread geographical regions and cultural backgrounds. Their skills are continually developed and some of the most experienced are involved with day-to-day teaching and management activities. For all, being part of the Seeing Hands team is a life-changing opportunity for them, enabling them to earn their own incomes and lead happy, independent lives. Many now support other members of their family or the blind community and are well known within the tourist areas they work in.

Seeing Hands also employs a number of sighted support staff and volunteers who assist with administration, cleaning, management and marketing. In addition, the local team receives continuing support from an international network of volunteers including professional massage tutors and teachers, donors, past and present students, charity members, friends and local ambassadors.

More information about the team, training programme and other activities is available on our facebook page

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